We’re Customer Experience (CX) consultants who help you understand where your organization needs to be.

Not everywhere, but right where your customers want and need you. Using nimble research, smart strategy, persistent foresight and powerful communications, we build an experience so useful to your customers and so right for your brand it couldn’t possibly be replicated. People have a lot of choices today. We make sure you’re the only one.


We get that real success comes from staying power, not staying put.

We build solid Customer Experiences (CX) by looking forward—not back—because stability today is all about getting ahead of change. At Crowd Proof, we believe businesses exist to fill unfolding customer needs. Designing customer solutions cuts across silos and requires all elements of an organization to work together. Seamlessly. Harmoniously. Driving customers is not about what you say or the impressions you serve. It’s about curating a collection of moments. It’s about understanding what people desire before they realize it’s missing. It’s about being useful. And it’s about thinking unconventionally.

That’s why we work with category creators, challenger brands, and established organizations that embrace change as a baseline for doing business.


We help you understand and serve your customer at every touchpoint to earn long-term relationships.


  • Brand
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Environmental
  • Trends
  • Competitive
  • Comparative
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  • Audience segmentation
  • Audience modeling
  • Customer experience audits
  • Journey mapping
  • Brand strategy
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  • Communications planning
  • Content strategy
  • User-centered interactive design
  • Experiential marketing
  • Partner Selection
  • Partner Management
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  • Category intel reports
  • Experience & strategy advising
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At the heart of every successful marketing communication is an insight—a simple understanding that aligns client vision with public perception. With over 20 years of experience, Jessie Angus, PRC makes the discovery of those elements possible every day. Navigating the ever-changing marketing frontier across industries from retail and hospitality to public health, energy and finance, she designs and leads qualitative and quantitative primary research, including facilitating focus groups, in-depth interviews, and observational studies and authoring and analyzing quantitative questionnaires. She is adept at exploring, connecting, and imparting consumer perceptions and behaviors.

Jessie Angus

Research & Strategy

Crowd Proof is a proud company member of the Insights Association. Partner Jessie Angus has also achieved Professional Researcher Certification (PRC). Both credentials demonstrate Crowd Proof’s commitment to the highest research ethics and standards, cutting edge methodologies and technology, and knowledge and proficiency.

With passion, energy, and vision, Crowd Proof organizes and runs UX Burlington, a single day, conference-style gathering focused on what it really takes to build a great user experience on the web. This annual event is held on the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont. For attendance or sponsorship information, please visit uxburlington.com.

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