Qualitative and quantitative research. Learn about your customers and prospects and the environmental realities surrounding your business.

Research explores and describes consumer perceptions of your brand, the brand’s role in your category, consumers’ lives, and popular culture, competitive and comparative evaluations, and global developments with potential to impact your business. We design and field primary research studies in-house, tailored to your needs. As a company member of the Insights Association, Crowd Proof adheres to the highest research ethics, standards, and competency.


Audience modeling. Evaluation and demonstration of your most viable and worthwhile customer segments.

Drawing on brand experience research, we identify the crowds of people just right for your organization and then illustrate key behaviors and lifestyle characteristics significant to the brand. Unlike traditional marketing personas, audience modeling takes an inside-looking-out perspective, helping you understand how your best prospects live their lives, and therefore how your brand can become more relevant and useful to them.

Customer experience audit & mapping. Catalog key moments throughout a prospect or customer journey experience.

Examination of customers’ interactions with your organization at every touchpoint from consideration to conversion and beyond. Illuminate findings and opportunities for where and how your brand can provide a superior customer experience.

Brand strategy. A positioning that drives interest and loyalty.

We’ll isolate your business’ key differentiating advantage to define the evolved role your brand will play in your customers’ lives and worlds. We’ll build a roadmap that connects the dots between your customers’ expectations, your company’s actions, and the realities of life outside your brand that impact both. The strategy will drive a shared customer culture within your organization and identity when and where the brand should be present outside of your four walls, to drive value for customers.


Communications and content planning. Defining where to put your message and how to craft it.

Your brand must resonate with people in the moment. After framing the brand experience, the next step is to craft a plan that details powerful communications channels for each touchpoint in the customer experience. We establish a sensible timeline and messaging strategy that ensures your customers and prospects hear just what they need. No more, no less.

User-centered interactive design (UX). Map and design user-friendly websites, apps, and other digital experiences that are intuitive to your core audience.

Your website, apps, and other digital experiences exist to serve your customers’ needs. Yet it’s astonishing how often content and information architecture is tailored to the desires of internal stakeholders. We help craft and optimize digital experiences that take core user needs front of mind. Allow us to zoom in on who your users are and how we can make their digital moments with your brand more useful, efficient, and intuitive. It pays off in the long run: great UX leaves lasting first impressions, fosters strong customer bonds, and encourages word of mouth.

Experiential Marketing. A tangible feel for what you’re all about.

Sometimes sending a message to your audience isn’t enough. When your brand would benefit from touching and engaging directly with your audience, we’ll help you identify and build a unique, personal, interactive experience. Step away from the cluttered media environment and build a space you can own.


Category intel reports. On-going analysis and insight reports pertinent to your category.

Intel reports help place you on the forefront of consumer needs, wants, and behavioral tendencies in your industry. Based on environmental research and a keen attention to shifts in consumer patterns and trends, intel reports ensure your brand experience adjusts with foresight, evolving in front of customers. Don’t wait for your competitors to lead the way. Change the game before they realize the playing field isn’t level.

Experience & strategy advising. The customer journey isn’t static, and neither is your business.

The living, breathing nature of your brand means you’ll encounter questions, new scenarios, and obstacles every day. Don’t wait to address a detour or it may lead to a dead end. With coaching, we will work with you weekly, monthly, or quarterly to help you navigate changes to your brand’s customer experience as it happens, guiding you towards solutions and opportunities to leverage.

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