Our company

has a story to tell.

At first glance, the story isn’t apparent.

We crafted the story from
Industry reports and competitive comparisons.
Sales data and digital stats.

staff members
Customer surveys
Customer interviews

The story goes something like this.

They said things are changing, but values hold strong.


For the human side of business, contributing to the wellbeing of customers and staff.

Set a baseline of trust by being transparent and upfront.

Approach decisions with practicality and purpose.

Mitigate surprises and uncertainties.

Cultivate deep industry knowledge and expertise.

Invest in work large and small to do right by the customer.

Evolve with customers as needs consistently and quickly change.

They also said not enough people know about Reynolds and Son, its strengths and values, and what it even does.

“Do they offer janitorial products?”
– Reynolds and Son Customer

Reynolds staff told us that getting to know a customer’s business and understanding customer needs are essential to Reynolds’s success. Customers agree and customers want:

(1) Staff experts who speak the language and bring trained, experienced knowledge that can’t be easily found—for example—online.

(2) Personal and continuous interaction to build relationships, especially being physically nearby for easy access to quickly solve problems.

(3) An individual service-sales approach, not a “product” salesman; genuine connections that go beyond order taking.

(4) Offering solutions and plans to make customers’ jobs easier and provide a logical, working system.

makes customers more successful
by building, fulfilling, & maintaining
supply solutions that
power their essential operations.

How do we make that clear
to people who matter the most:
customers & prospects?

It starts with impressions.
Words. Images. Feelings.

And it continues by reinforcing
the Reynolds experience
at every possible moment.

Let’s start with the words.

How can we quickly and clearly explain
what Reynolds and Son does and
who Reynolds and Son is?

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