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At Crowd Proof, we focus on marketing research, insights and action.

By employing leading research methods and a sharp talent for finding insights, we help organizations understand, listen to, test and track their brand, to ground decisions in strong, integrated experiences.


We help clients understand, listen to, test and track every element of their brand. From detailing market trends and competitive benchmarking to measuring brand health and testing concepts and messages, if you have questions about your brand experience we will help you find the answers.


Crowd Proof’s research approaches span secondary discovery and primary qualitative and quantitative methods. Our capabilities include, for example, environmental scans, social listening, surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and digital user testing.


We don’t stop there. After collecting the right data, we draw on decades of marketing experience and understanding to apply astute analysis, uncover meaningful insights, and connect findings to implications for your business.

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At the heart of every successful marketing communication is an insight—a simple understanding that aligns company vision with public perception. With over 20 years of experience, Jessie Angus, IPC leads the Crowd Proof team and makes the discovery of those elements possible every day.

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Jessie Angus

Research & Strategy

Crowd Proof is a proud company member of the Insights Association, and Jessie Angus has achieved the Insights Professional Certification (IPC). Both credentials demonstrate Crowd Proof’s commitment to the highest research ethics and standards, cutting edge methodologies and technology, and knowledge and proficiency.